Fukte / Sŭāsum — THMMHT

THMMHT cassette
Label: self-released
Cat #: none
Artist: Fukte / Sŭāsum
Genre: experimental noise / ritual drone
Format: cassette ltd. 24
Released: 2016-10-01

Special cassette released for Fukte | Sŭāsum | fdb THMMHT tour 2016.
Limited to 24 copies.

Fukte is F.D.B. on shaker, effects, synthesizer and field recordings.

Sŭāsum are F.D.B. on sysnthesizer, oscillator, chains and L.B. on singing bowls, woods, squeaky board, loops.

Recorded, mixed and edited in Summer/Autumn 2016 by F.D.B.

Mastered by Michele Scariot.
Photography by BissoMultimedia.
Mask design by Steve Wintercroft.

A1 – (Fukte) Subsiding Steel 21:01
A2 – (Fukte) Vortex 5:42
B – (Sŭāsum) Caerimoniae I 24:44