Fukte / Vomir – Electro-Static



Subtitle: “a static research on magnetic fields and electronic devices”.

Release comes in special package: double grey spry-painted cassettes (one in red, one in blue) housed in plastic box with a pieces of computer motherboard.
All comes wrapped in a grey t-shirt with light blue graphic of electrical poles and fixed with a piece of electric cable.
A b/w round sticker with “Fukte / Vomir” logo is also available.

Limited to 45 hand-numbered copies.

A1 (Fukte & Vomir) James Clerk Maxwell 20:22
B1 (Fukte & Vomir) Hans Christian Ørsted 7:42
B2 (Fukte & Vomir) Michael Faraday 3:40
B3 (Fukte & Vomir) Hendrik Lorentz 6:17
B4 (Fukte & Vomir) Nikola Tesla 3:00
C1 (Fukte) Magnetic Emptiness 24:49
D1 (Vomir) Aspérités Corporelles 9:54
D2 (Vomir) Invocation De La Peau Ternie 14:49


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