Toxic Industries logoToxic Industries is a label focused on harsh noise, drone ambient, experimental, soundscapes and related sounds.
It started its audio pollution at the beginning of 2009. During the years, the name Toxic Industries become known worldwide for the passion and the dedication put in each release.
Lots of productions were made for lots of international artists, in cdr, cassette, vinyl and less conventional format such as floppy disk and hard drive.

The series called “Very Toxic” is the most import, each release comes in limited edition with special handmade package. An huge compilation boxset with 3 CDr with shirt and gadgets was released for celebrate the fist year of activity.
With the 2010, two new series came out.
The “Irritant” is dedicated to Harsh Noise Wall, the package is a regular sleeve with same layout and same limitation, in pure static style. The “Explosive” is for collaborations with other labels.

toxictoolsMany collaborations with other labels taken part, such as Misty Circle, Vomit Bucket Production, Maisonbruite, Underground Pollution Records, Anarcho Freaks Production… Co-productions give more visibility both to artists and labels, but above all, help to expand the network of reliable contacts and keep alive the passion in the scene.

If you want see your material released on Toxic Industries, get in touch and we could talk about it, but please before READ and UNDERSTAND the rules.