KZ9’s Discography

2017-01-19KZ9Last Christmas I Gave You My Harshself-released
2015-12-13KZ9Con Gli 80 Euro Di Renzi Vado A TransLonktaar
2015-01-27KZ9Je Suis Charlieself-released
2015-01-15variousNoise Don't CryAhorcassettes Rec
2014-12-05KZ9See You In Valhalla Mighty Nelson Rolihlahla M...self-released
2013-08-12KZ9See You In Valhalla Mighty Hugo Rafael Chavéz...self-released
2012-10-29KZ9Yes Dio Canself-released
2012-04-01Roro Perrot / KZ9Ultra-Shit Folk / Das GlücksradToxic Industries
2011-11-22KZ9See You In Valhalla Mighty Muʿammar Al-Qadhdh...self-released
2011-07-25variousThe Noisecore Agenda Volume 3Meziprostor
2011-06-30variousFloppylation 1.0Toxic Industries
2011-03-19KZ9Arnold, But Not Schwarzenegger!self-released
2011-02-15variousHoly Grinder (A Tribute To Dio)Histoplasmosis Records
2010-05-18KZ9 / Primordial SoundsZero Tituli! / UntitledSonic Arse Tapes
2010-02-12variousEVA 1-18Ezcaton Visual Artist
2010-02-05KZ9 / T.H.B.N.G.E.Josef A Go-GoUnderground Pollution Records
2010-01-19RLNF / KZ9 / BVK / Ekunhaashaastaack4-way Noisecore Tape Filth Is My Life
2010-01-14Fart Wank / KZ9Untitled / 8-USCantankerous Records
2009-11-10variousIntestinal ExplosionsUnderground Pollution Records
2009-10-15KZ9 vs. Vo)))idEccesso Di Melanina In Maomettoself-released
2009-09-07KZ9 / Splattered NachosGrindy Granny's Grammophone GreatiesVomit Bucket Production
2009-08-07Penis Enlargement / Angola / KZ9Obscure Noisecore!!!! / Untitled / You Stole M...Human Slaughterhouse
2009-07-20KZ9See You In Valhalla Mighty MichaelVomit Bucket Production
2009-06-06Colico / KZ9 / Grope AnalHey Papi Sacalo Che Me Cago / Earshitting / To...Mierda En La Cabeza
2009-05-25KZ9 / People's Noise Project, TheWhat A Shit!!!Vomit Bucket Production
2009-05-18KZ9 vs. Vo)))idEccesso Di Melanina In CristoOld Turtle Tapes
2009-01-25KZ9I Have A Dreamself-released
2008-12-24variousUnholy MatrimonySmell The Stench
2008-10-24KZ9 / Anal ColicUne Baguette Pour Satan / Drunk OrchestraUnderground Pollution Records
2008-09-01KZ9 vs. Vo)))idEccesso Di Melanina In Cristoself-released
2008-08-01KZ9Invasion Of The WereniggersSmell The Stench
2008-06-24KZ9Gott, Nigger Und Würstelself-released