Fukte logoFukte (IPA pronunciation ˈfukˈtɛ and not ˈfʌkt) is the main project of F.D.B. He started producing noise music in 2004, influenced by the main European and Japanese artists. In the early years lots of recording were made but nothing was released. First it was necessary find out the right sound, and after the correct name.

February 2009 is the official début as Fukte, with a cassette release on the well known Toxic Industries label.
Fukte plays harsh noise in the traditional, uncompromising, filthy and analogue way. This doesn’t mean that is a “one-way” project. Sometimes can be found influences and contaminations like drone, power electronics, experimental and above all HNW.

Collaborations with other artists is highly supported, comparison and brainstorming is best way to grow in sound research fields.
If you are interested in a collaboration, get in touch explaining your ideas.

Live shows are a powerful way of expression, that’s why Fukte play wherever and whenever he can.
Lots of gigs were made sharing the stage with various international artists, across western and eastern Europe, Russia, South-East Asia and Japan.

If you want to see Fukte in your area just get in touch!

Check more information about discography and gigs.

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