Submission Rules

Toxic Industries logo General rules

  • music must be noise, ambient, drone, soundscapes and experimental related;
  • productions are unique, so Toxic Industries will not re-release material already released;
  • productions are unique, so don’t re-release Toxic Industries’ stuff;
  • you can rip/duplicate and spread them for free;
  • submit only WAV or FLAC audio files, MP3 will be ignored;
  • I have a real life, so my replies could take a while.

Very Toxic symbol Very Toxic series

  • only special package, don’t send any artwork, but suggestions are welcome;
  • you’ll get some copies for free, depends by the total number and complexity.

Irritant symbol Irritant series

  • dedicated to harsh noise wall and static analogue noise only;
  • only cdr with color cover limited to 33, you’ll get 10 covers;
  • you provide album title, small info text and 5×7 cm 300dpi image, all tracks are untitled;
  • minimum total running time of 40 minutes.

Explosive symbol Explosive series

  • series for co-productions with other labels.

If you agree with these rules and want to propose your sounds get in touch by e-mail (no myspace, no facebook, etc).
…and another thing: if you never supported Toxic Industries’ work trading or buying something, why should I have to release your stuff?
Think about it.